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Welcome to Feng Shui Palace!

Feng shui is a way to mindfully organize your environment so that it fully supports you in life. At Feng Shui Palace, we make every effort to educate those who wish to take part in arranging, de-cluttering, balancing and organizing their living and working spaces to bring harmony into their lives.

Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life We've designed everything here to support both the novice and educated feng shui practitioner. We offer basic education and unique insights on such topics as:
  • the five elements of feng shui
  • the bagua, or "map of feng shui"
  • the creative and destructive cycles of elements
  • how to use traditional cures
I'm Karen Rauch Carter; best selling author, speaker, consultant, educator and your host of this site. My goal is to share my unique and fun approach to feng shui with you and be available to answer your personal feng shui questions via phone or private one-on-one consultations at your home or office.

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